Improve Patients’ Experience

Music therapy to help reduce pain after surgery. A blanket warmer to keep patients from getting cold during imaging procedures. A vein finder that makes drawing blood or inserting an IV easier, faster and more comfortable.  

SFBH team members presented these ideas to win funding from the inaugural SFBH Foundation Patient Experience Grant program.

“Our first Patient Experience Grant program was extremely successful,” says Jana Butler, SFBH Foundation executive director. “We were pleased to received such positive, insightful ideas to make a patient’s day a little bit brighter and better.”
Last year, the SFBH Foundation set aside $10,000 in funding from the 2016 SFBH Team Member Fundraising Campaign to launch a new program called the Patient Experience Grant program.

SFBH team members were invited to submit an idea that would make an improvement in patients’ day-to-day experience at the hospital. Twelve team members applied for the grant and 3 projects were selected for funding. 
Tonya Fish, CN11, SFBH Patient Care Anesthesia Unit, is a classical pianist and suggested using music as a complement to pain medication following surgery. Research shows that listening to soft relaxing music can reduce heart rate, blood pressure and stress levels. The grant money made it possible to purchase pre-programmed headsets patients can wear before, during and after surgery.

Leon Silas, nuclear medicine coordinator, received a grant to purchase a vein finder, a small, hand-held device that illuminates veins just under the surface of the skin. Vein finders allow technicians to quickly and easily find patients’ veins in order to draw blood or insert an IV.   

Radiology team members Todd Warner, Jennifer Cain, Frances Pollard and Jamie Lane received funding for a specialized heating cabinet where blankets can be kept warm for patient use. Because imaging procedures can be lengthy and rooms are kept cool because of the equipment, covering patients with a warm blanket will keep them more comfortable and relaxed.

Applications for next year’s SFBH Foundation-sponsored Patient Experience Grant program will be accepted in October. “We look forward to the continued success of the program and to the great ideas that we know will come forward from SFBH team members,” says Butler.