Foundation-Sponsored Scholarships Help Nurses Get Ahead

Mayra Garcia’s scheduled graduation date to receive her master’s degree in nursing is March 2020.  Her goal is to become a family nurse practitioner. A nurse in the SFBH Woman’s Center, Mayra completed a two-year associates degree at Hillsborough Community College, and then went on to pursue a unique three-year associates to master’s degree program through South University at the Tampa campus.  Receiving a scholarship this past May during Nurses’ Week was very rewarding, she says.  “It will definitely help take the burden off me financially,” says Mayra.  “With my school schedule it is difficult to work overtime, so the extra money from the scholarship will help with added expenses.”

June Ramsey, R.N., Director of Patient Care Services, is very supportive of the Foundation’s nursing scholarship program.  “College is expensive and without financial assistance many students would have trouble paying for their degree or may not be able to even go to school,” says June. “In some cases, students have to work multiple jobs to pay for their housing, books and tuition, which can detract from the time they need to focus on their studies.”

With the nationwide shortage of nurses, June points out that helping students pursue a nursing degree is not only good for the community, but also for the hospital.  “Any reward we can provide will make a world of difference.