How Philanthropy Makes a Difference

Team Members Donations Improve Patient Comfort

Philanthropic gifts to the SFBH Foundation not only help purchase vital medical equipment, but can also make a difference in patients’ hospital experience. Team members can take satisfaction in knowing their contributions during the annual team member fundraising campaign have a direct impact on patients’ comfort and satisfaction.

The Patient Experience Grant program, launched last year, invites team members to submit an idea to the Foundation that will make patient’s day-to-day hospital experience a little brighter. The best suggestions receive a grant for up to $5,000 to implement the idea. This year’s winners are from Radiology and the Woman’s Center.

The Woman’s Center staff purchased an additional blanket warmer for moms and babies.  “We have a blanket warmer in the Woman’s Center OR, but we wanted one closer to labor and delivery to make it more convenient for our moms in labor and newborn babies,” says Karen Halverson, R.N. a charge nurse in the Woman’s Center.  “It’s easy for moms to get cold, especially after an epidural, or for their patient gown to get damp or wet after the baby’s birth. To offer them a warm new gown is a nice touch.  We can also place a warm blanket underneath a newborn to make the baby more comfortable.”

The gurney used to transport patients coming for an MRI was outdated. Patients were complaining about being uncomfortable, says Frances Pollard, an MRI imaging technologist. The new one purchased with funding from the patient experience grant is making everyone happy. “The new gurney is a more advanced, high-quality stretcher with a thicker pad, a wider bed and rounded side rails,” says Frances. “The rolling mechanism is smoother, making it easier for the staff to maneuver the gurney, and there are cushioned guards around the stretcher so if it is accidentally bumped, there is less impact to the patient.”

“It’s often the smaller items that can mean a lot for patients,” says Jana Butler, executive director of the SFBH Foundation. “We appreciate the great ideas that come from team members and look forward to continuing the program.” Applications for the next Patient Experience Grant program will be accepted in October.